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United Business Telecoms

United Business Telecoms

is the Telecoms division of Kenlyn Services Limited. We Provide Small and Large Business incl Government Depts with all of their Telecommunication needs at unbeatable value

Whether you are looking for a price on a completely new Telephone System or just looking for a better price on an Existing Line Rental

Why pay more for one package when we can get you the same package for less than you are paying now for your business broadband and telephone lines? All broadband and telephone lines use the same infrastucture in the UK.

Whether you want an unlimited broadband usage and calls or a basic line rental and broadband package – we have the package for you and are guaranteed to save you money.

Using a comparison site such as ours has been proven to save businesses a
minimum of 40% on their annual broadband and telephone line expenditure. This is a huge saving for only 5 minutes of your time!

Why choose United Business Telecoms to take care of your telephone line and internet needs…

  •     Reduction in Costs by Switching to a Provider with a Much Better Deal
  •     Save Yourself Time Searching for Quotes
  •     Add more Phonelines to Enable more Handsets if you Require
  •     Get Cheaper or Faster Internet for Your Business
  •     Tips and Information Available on our Website to Help You get      the    Best    Deal
  •     Optimised Broadband Stability and Speed
  •     Easy for You To Transfer
  •     Transfer and Keep Your Existing Number if You Wish to.
  •     7 Day Business Support UK Based
  •     Go Faster With Fibre Broadband
  •     Save Money With Quotes From the Leading Business Providers in the UK
  •     Save Over £200 or more Annually

With excellent discounts available for your business, now is a great time to see how much your saving could be over your current telephone line and internet provider.
Apply for free quotes by contacting Kenneth at

Our team of experts will use the information that you provide us with to match you up with some great quotes from tried and tested top suppliers in the country.

We look forward to hearing from you,

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